• nd in protein and, lastly, fat▓s are

  • used, too. All food is broken

  • down in the digestiv▓e system and the


ducts are separated into their constituent parts for delivery into a 'power station' or Krebs Cycle, a series of chemical re
actions in which the body's cells me▓taboli

r, it seems like a natural progression to ask if some fruit or vegetables are more effective than others and as we eat foods in combinations then how▓ do those foods and the nutrients they contain interact? For example, if you ea

se glucose

for energy.Th

ere occu

rs a complex and int

t cashew nut▓s, then you could maximise your uptake of Vitamin K by ea▓ting them with a pr

ricate pro

cess in

which pyruvic acid

obiotic food. This could ▓mean having miso soup alongside your ▓chicken and cashew nuts or

, glucose, a

mino ac▓ids

and the end pro

a spoonful of plain yogurt if you were having nuts as a snack.Nutrients and t▓heir roleP

duct of fats

are oxidised

ROBIOTICS help the creation of B vitamins from other foods but also make a small amount

often full of ne

themselves. They also help rel▓ease magnesium from food. Foods to go for: Sauerkr▓aut, yog

gative messages, and the pos

urt and mi

itive approach o

f Supereating is a

so. Other

re▓freshing ch

ange. The traditiona

foods cont

l message▓ of e

ating plenty of fres

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